The word “great” in the book of SIRACH

Sirach 1:1

The knowledge of many and greatthings hath been shewn us by the law, and the prophets, and others that have followed them: for which things Israel is to be commended for doctrine and wisdom, because not only they that speak must needs be skillful, but strangers also, both speaking and writing, may by their means become most learned. My grandfather Jesus, after he had much given himself to a diligent reading of the law, and the prophets, and other books, that were delivered to us from our fathers, had a mind also to write something himself, pertaining to doctrine and wisdom: that such as are desirous to learn, and are made knowing in these things, may be more and more attentive in mind, and be strengthened to live according to the law. I entreat you therefore to come with benevolence, and to read with attention, and to pardon us for those things wherein we may seem, while we follow the image of wisdom, to come short in the composition of words; for the Hebrew words have not the same force in them when translated into another tongue. And not only these, but the law also itself, and the prophets, and the rest of the books, have no small difference, when they are spoken in their own language. For in the eight and thirtieth year coming into Egypt, when Ptolemy Evergetes was king, and continuing there a long time, I found there books left, of no small nor contemptible learning. Therefore I thought it good, and necessary for me to bestow some diligence and labour to interpret this book; and with much watching and study in some space of time, I brought the book to an end, and set it forth for the service of them that are willing to apply their mind, and to learn how they ought to conduct themselves, who purpose to lead their life according to the law of the Lord. All wisdom is from the Lord God, and hath been always with him, and is before all time.

There is one most high Creator Almighty, and a powerful king, and greatly to be feared, who sitteth upon his throne, and is the God of dominion.

And they to whom she shall shew herself love her by the sight, and by the knowledge of her great works.

For according to his greatness, so also is his mercy with him.

The greater thou art, the more humble thyself in all things, and thou shalt find grace before God:

For great is the power of God alone, and he is honoured by the humble.

Make thyself affable to the congregation of the poor, and humble thy soul to the ancient, and bow thy head to a greatman.

And say not: The mercy of the Lord is great, he will have mercy on the multitude of my sins.

Justify alike the small and the great.

Marry thy daughter well, and thou shalt do a great work, and give her to a wise man.

For of them thou shalt learn wisdom, and instruction of understanding, and to serve great men without blame.

The great man, and the judge, and the mighty is in honour: and there is none greater than he that feareth God.

The wisdom of the humble shall exalt his head, and shall make him sit in the midst of great men.

Many mighty men have been greatly brought down, and the glorious have been delivered into the hand of others.

The affliction of an hour maketh one forget great delights, and in the end of a man is the disclosing of his works.

Of one spark cometh a great fire, and of one deceitful man much blood: and a sinful man lieth in wait for blood.

Do good to the just, and thou shalt find great recompense: and if not of him, assuredly of the Lord.

For the wisdom of God is great, and he is strong in power, seeing all men without ceasing.

Many such things hath my eyes seen, and greater things than these my ear hath heard.

He set his eye upon their hearts to shew them the greatness of his works:

Return to the Lord, and turn away from thy injustice, and greatly hate abomination.

How great is the mercy of the Lord, and his forgiveness to them that turn to him!

And he that joineth himself to harlots, will be wicked. Rottenness and worms shall inherit him, and he shall be lifted up for a greater example, and his soul shall be taken away out of the number.

And there is one that submitteth himself exceedingly with a great lowliness: and there is one that casteth down his countenance, and maketh as if he did not see that which is unknown:

A wise man shall advance himself with his words, and a prudent man shall please the great ones.

He that tilleth his land shall make a high heap of corn: and he that worketh justice shall be exalted: and he that pleaseth great men shall escape iniquity.

Remember thy father and thy mother, for thou sittest is the midst of greatmen:

It is great glory to follow the Lord for length of days shall be received from him.

For her thoughts are more vast than the sea, and her counsels more deep than the great ocean.

And behold my brook became a greatriver, and my river came near to a sea:

Three sorts my soul hateth, and I am greatly grieved at their life:

How great is he that findeth wisdom and knowledge! but there is none above him that feareth the Lord.

A woman’s anger, and impudence, and confusion is great.

A drunken woman is a great wrath: and her reproach and shame shall not be hid.

It hath destroyed the strong cities of the rich, and hath overthrown the houses of great men.

Art thou set at a great table? be not the first to open thy mouth upon it.

In the company of great men bake not upon thee: and when the ancients are present, speak not much.

Some of them God made high and great days, and some of them he put in the number of ordinary days. And all men are from the ground, and out of the earth, from whence Adam was created.

Hear me, ye great men, and all ye people, and hearken with your ears, ye rulers of the church.

Gather together all the tribes of Jacob: that they may know that there is no God besides thee, and may declare thy great works: and thou shalt inherit them as from the beginning.

The skill of the physician shall lift up his head, and in the sight of great men he shall be praised.

My son, shed tears over the dead, and begin to lament as if thou hadst suffered some great harm, and according to judgment cover his body, and neglect not his burial.

He shall serve among great men, and: appear before the governor.

For if it shall please the great Lord, he will fill him with the spirit of understanding:

Great labour is created for all men, and a heavy yoke is upon the children of Adam, from the day of their coming out of their mother’s womb, until the day of their burial into the mother of all.

The riches of the unjust shall be dried up like a river, and shall pass sway a noise like a great thunder in rain.

Take care of a good name: for this shall continue with thee, more than a thousand treasures precious and great.

Great is the Lord that made him, and at his words he hath hastened his course.

By his greatness he hath fixed the clouds, and the hailstones are broken.

There are great and wonderful works: a variety of beasts, and of all living things, and the monstrous creatures of whales.

The Lord is terrible, and exceeding great, and his power is admirable.

There are many things hidden from us that are greater than these: for we have seen but a few of his works.

The Lord hath wrought great glory through his magnificence from the beginning.

Such as have borne rule in their dominions, men of great power, and endued with their wisdom, shewing forth in the prophets the dignity of prophets,

Abraham was the great father of a multitude of nations, and there was not found the like to him in glory, who kept the law of the most High, and was in covenant with him.

Valiant in war was Jesus the son of Nave, who was successor of Moses among the prophets, who was greataccording to his name,

Very great for the saving the elect of God, to overthrow the enemies that rose up against them, that he might get the inheritance for Israel.

How great glory did he gain when he lifted up his hands, and stretched out swords against the cities?

He called upon the most high Sovereign when the enemies assaulted him on every side, and the great and holy God heard him by hailstones of exceeding great force.

And the Lord thundered from heaven, and with a great noise made his voice to be heard.

In his life he did great wonders, and is death he wrought miracles.

For Ezechias did that which pleased God, and walked valiantly in the way of David his father, which Isaias, the greatprophet, and faithful in the sight of God, had commanded him.

With a great spirit he saw the things that are to come to pass at last, and comforted the mourners in Sion.

Then the sons of Aaron shouted, they sounded with beaten trumpets, and made a great noise to be heard for a remembrance before God.

And the singers lifted up their voices. and in the great house the sound of sweet melody was increased.

And now pray ye to the God of all, who hath done great things in all the earth, who hath increased our days from our mother’s womb, and hath done with us according to his mercy.