SPEAK TO ME OF GOD – 8 – God also speaks in silence, but how can we hear him?

Everything is silent around you and inside you, yet God speaks. Your hearing then moves into your mind and your heart. God does not speak with a human voice: you think of lovers who are so long looking at each other without words: their sentences come out of their eyes, and their mere presence is more eloquent than many speeches: this is for God.

But why do I insist so much on the presence of the Lord in your soul, why is it so important?

Because it is a powerful magnet that attracts your whole being to itself, and leaves no room for vain thoughts and attachment to vanities, which so far away from God and happiness.

In you there is a continuous struggle between God on the one hand, and on the other hand it is the world, the devil and the flesh that want you for them, and that take advantage of all the distractions of your practical life to take over.

The presence of God is sweet and beneficial, and to it we can attribute all the qualities that the Bible preaches of Wisdom, even if the present God surpasses it as the giver of Grace exceeds Grace itself.

What brings with it the presence of the Lord cannot be fully described with words, because it is a spiritual joy that is not present in the earthly and natural joys we know. The Lord has promised him in the Gospel: if anyone will keep my Word, my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.

What a huge and wonderful thing to be God’s home! Yet it has been promised to everyone, including you! The Holy Trinity, the true and living God, comes to dwell in the hearts, and carries with it the whole procession of the infinite virtues and gifts of God: all in One, without any dispersion or division.

In you, in me, in every man there are unfortunately vast continents in which the Cross of Christ has not yet been planted, and these territories will make a hard war not to succumb and not to make room for God.

They are human and vain thoughts, sinful attachments, bad habits, innate unbelief, mocking spirit, and so many other spiritual territories that will attempt to drive away the God of joy. You will feel this struggle within yourself, but do not be dismayed or despair: victory is on the side of the only winner, and this is the Lord, the God of armies!

You are not any anonymous person: you have a destiny: Heaven!

You know why you live, and on the evening of your earthly day it opens an eternal one. Time is short, eternity is upon us. Make provision for those assets that you will not lose with death.

What a lucky trade is yours ever! With temporal things, used for God, you buy the eternal.

Show me, O Lord, my place in the world. Make me enjoy anything or hurt me, if not of what brings you closer to me or away from you. May I despise all decaying things and may all eternal things be dear to me. That I dislike every pleasure where you are absent, and that I desire nothing of what is outside you.

Give me your Holy Presence and your Spirit as of now, and nothing else I desire for me: it is the earnest of the future goods that the eye did not see, ear did not hear, nor ever entered the heart of a man: these you have prepared for those who love you.

Lord, let me be one of those elected! I who strive to love you with the Love that you give me!