SPEAK TO ME OF GOD – 7 – The living Presence of Christ destroys attachment to vanities

Always keep in mind the speed with which everything ends. Live for perennial realities and authentic values, even if you are considered foolish by those who do not have true wisdom.

Oh, what a great design of love God has over you! See the bird of the air? He may not know why he lives. Arriving at the evening of his existence, maybe it all ended for him. Not so for you: you are worth more than many sparrows! Perhaps even the sparrows, in the Greatness of God, will have a future in His eternal Kingdom of love, but this is certain for you and for me, it has been revealed to us.

Who will help you fix the gaze of the soul on eternal realities? This is something that you will not be able to reach with your human strength alone, but it will be possible with Grace. Always turn to Jesus, who is the author and finisher of Grace. He is always present to you, he lives deep in your heart and knows everything about you and the universe.

With Jesus you have to establish a continuous dialogue, even on the small things of your life, in every moment, without ever leaving him: He is always with you, and desires this dialogue of friendship, of love, of full communion.

But how to start? Speaking to God is rather easy, but listening to him requires some time and a regular training supported by His Grace.

I can testify to you, along with countless other witnesses, that this is possible. God speaks through all creatures in all ways, and then He himself gives openness to dialogue, and forms in you a spirit capable of speaking to him and listening to him.

Try it now! It will not be easy for you at the beginning, but then the heart will begin at heart, and it will give you a happiness not even dreamed of, that nothing and no one can take away from you. I assure you, it is not a complicated thing, and it does not require any effort of concentration: the Lord is the God for you, and he has already prepared in you an openness to dialogue.

Don’t look for thoughts and words: with him you can be as simple as you would be with a small child. What a great thing to talk with Jesus!

He will tell you: he will talk to you at all times, guide you on all occasions and will accompany you, holding you by the hand, in all the various circumstances of life: follow Him, the great lighthouse, and you will always be far from sin: you will soon pass through the toughest temptations without suffering any damage.

If you remain alone with yourself, you will be alone with your thoughts, and you will suffer loneliness, but with Jesus, with heart-to-heart dialogue with Him, you will not be alone, but in the company of the One who alone truly loves you and knows you , and He gave His human life for you.

How I wish you to understand and believe all this! My words are not beautiful words, but the fruit of an experience that I am doing even as I write these little thoughts. Speaking with God is not the privilege of the learned and the wise, but it is something suitable for everyone, the young, the elderly, the worker, the housewife and the manager: all children who let themselves be guided and carried by the hand.

Speaking to Jesus must not become an obsession, but a sweet rest next to Him: sometimes a word or a thought is enough to light the fire of dialogue in Love!

Speak to God and listen to God: do this and you will live fully, with a perennial happiness: you will be like an ancient oak that not even the most frightening storms can move!