SPEAK TO ME OF GOD – 20 – The torrent of lost time

Remember every day that those who grant you in the morning, do not promise you in the evening, and by granting you in the evening they do not promise you in the morning.

You have to leave this world and you don’t know when; don’t wait for that time you’re not sure you have; seek instead to treasure the present time.

The Lord has measured your days (cf. Ps 39, 6). Every day that passes is a day less that separates you from the departure from this earthly exile for the heavenly homeland.

Perhaps you spend so much time on material interests, and find so little of it to heal your soul and enrich it with merit. O laziness and foolishness of the human heart that is so anxious to buy worldly goods and lose time, the most precious treasure it can dispose of on earth!

I give you my testimony, telling you that I bitterly regret so many years of my life spent without God, or away from Him.

And even now, what has been the use of so many days spent in the forgetting of God, and filled with futile and vain things, which seemed to me urgent and important.

If I could, I would like to go back and do everything again, but I can’t, nobody can: only the memory remains of lost time, like a dry leaf that can no longer be used for anything.

Sometimes I say to myself that God, in His goodness, will take into account in some way even the lost time, for my salvation, as a father looks at his son who is playing with hours and hours with thousands of useless things.

But then I tell myself that this is not safe, and that there is so much witness against it in Scripture and in all the saints.

Certainly the lost time will at least be useful to gain experience and to mature: but how many years: so many, so many years thrown away, while the thought of the holy Presence of the Lord is Life, for me and for you, and for everyone.

It is a form of idleness the distance from God, which can also exist among a thousand occupations: I do not say that we can always think of Him, but we can always know why we act, and if we act for God.

When thought and action are not directed to the Lord, even in an implicit form, time passes and is lost, and with it the wonderful treasure that contains every moment is also lost and lost.

Holy Spirit, from today I consecrate myself to you: guide me, speak to me and support me in every moment of my life, and imprint of your sweetest Love every thought and action that I perform: that I never abandon you again!

My Jesus, correct me, reinvigorate me, you guide my existence, you who make every little field flower grow for one of your purposes: that my life will no longer pass as an impetuous torrent rushing downstream, but like a great river that you make your way to the sea of ​​your glory!