SPEAK TO ME OF GOD – 18 – God gave us TIME, this treasure

It seems to you that the portion of time you are called to live in your generation must be eternal; but seen from the fortress of eternity it is only one of the many moments that make up time.

In this life we ​​live in the illusion of eternity: the present appears to us eternal, substantial, and we do not feel the rush of time in ourselves. But when the day ends, we must see that today has passed like a breath, and that there is no certainty of tomorrow.

Blessed are you if you live this moment in the light of the eternal! Every moment of your life is actually rich in eternity. Every day is a gift from God.

Time comes from eternity, and therefore brings with it the image of the future world. As a gift of God, it can be filled with holy works, and then it loses its ephemeral and transient connotation.

Time is the minute you have, make it rich in meaning and value. You walk in time more than in space. Time is a spectator of your life, see that you do not become your accuser.

As a gift of God, time has its own reality: we can shape it, and put vain things or valuable things into it: we can value it with love, with patience, with benevolence, and with all virtues.

Perhaps we would feel the weight of the time given to us every morning and behave in a way worthy of this gift! Instead the strength of habits makes us drag the minutes and hours in a completely human way, not caring for reality.

The holy presence of God fills our time, and we assimilate our life to ourselves. At the morning awakening we begin to be satisfied with His Face, as much as we can in this fleeting life.

This is the great secret: without God, time has human characteristics, and brings with it consummation and death, while with God it is clothed from the moment of immortality.

If we live in the presence of the Lord, time will never end for us, and bodily death will open the golden door to us, a marvelous door that will introduce us to a happy eternity.

God did not create anything that cannot be transformed by Him: by giving us time he gave us the possibility of sin and repentance, of error and correction, of misleading and reconciliation: what counts for Him and for us is the happy ending!

Come on, brother! In this race through time we fix our gaze on Jesus, author and finisher of faith, and, following in His footsteps, we walk behind Him: He alone knows how we must spend our time, day by day.

Let us not be discouraged in falls, for He raises those who have fallen and strengthens the faltering foot: let us behave with humility and dignity: we are Sons of God, Sons in the Son, and for us time is the blessed way that leads to Life!