SPEAK TO ME OF GOD – 13 – Christ is our Salvation

Is it really necessary to save oneself? But what does it mean? Save yourself, yes, but from what? Is God saving us, or should we save ourselves? What will I have more than what I have now, if I am saved? Is not salvation a fable created by those who speculate on our fear? If Jesus is the Savior, why should I think about saving myself? Isn’t faith enough to save me? Is the aspiration to salvation not inherent in the heart of every man, whatever religion he belongs to?

How many and what questions! To give an answer, it will take some chapters, but let us immediately try to know what is said, for centuries, with rather harsh words, which look at the side of man more than at the intervention of GOD: but these are useful words to make people understand the importance and urgency of the problem, and the danger of human freedom, which is on an inclined plane towards evil.

1) Life is a test. Man sows and cultivates on earth with great patience, but the fruit of his laborious work matures in heaven.

2) Don’t deny the soul, who will live forever, the care you give to the body that will have to die. The body is nourished with food, the soul with good works.

3) There is only one good and one evil in this world: to save oneself or to be damned. We die only once; once the soul is lost, it is lost forever.

4) You have only one life and one death, one eternal destiny played once and for all. What good is it to make the whole world if you lose your soul? (cf Lk 9, 25).

5) What good is it to you to have learned the treatises of all science, if you have not learned that of your salvation? Oh, how many fools will be saved, and how many scholars will be damned!

6) Try to make your vocation and your election ever safer. With trembling and fear, work your salvation, for there is no guarantee that it is sufficient to secure it (cf Fil 2, 12).

7) In no state of life, however holy, can you find security. The rebel angels lived in heaven and Judas lived among the Apostles and conversed frequently with the same Son of God.

8) There is no enclosure so narrow as to be inaccessible to the devil, nor desert so lost that he does not know how to trace.

9) Do not presume of yourself because, even if called, you do not know if you are worthy of being elected to the eternal kingdom.

10) Do you have no revelation of your salvation, and why don’t you give it a thought as if you were safe?

11) Do not believe that God is obliged to save you if you voluntarily distance yourself from him.

12) In your freedom lies the risk of your salvation and your downfall.

13) To save yourself you should be willing to risk your life too.

14) Life and death stand before you; you will be given what you have chosen (cf Sir 15, 17).

15) Oh, what a great account you will have to render to God, if, placed on earth to save the soul, you will have waited for everything but this! (cf Lk 16, 2).

These 15 points make us tremble and perhaps we are afraid and discouraged, but later we will see many things about Salvation, which will cheer us up and put us in peace!