SPEAK TO ME OF GOD – 11 – God in our daily combat

Without the presence and help of the Lord in our daily struggle against sin, we would be lost.

Our fight is not against creatures made of flesh and blood, but against evil spirits that are scattered everywhere. Furthermore, the battlefield is not only our daily day, but our whole being, our whole natural organism: senses, passions, imagination, memory, thought, will.

The sight, the hearing, the touch and whatever else are closely connected to each other, and communicate in infinite ways with our imagination and our memory: evil creeps into our thoughts in a thousand forms, and tends to subject itself to itself our passions, perverting them, and changing them from servant to master.

The danger is all the more serious, because the intellect, accustomed to evil, no longer feels it as such, and is filled with sophistry, while the will blindly obeys the intellect and is moved by the vehemence of the passions.

Only the Lord, with our adherence and good will, has the power to free us from this total disaster, which deprives us of life.

Therefore, when we say that Christ, with His Grace, is present in us, and that the Holy Trinity abides in us, we do not intend only to speak of a blissful and idle presence, but of an active presence at all times, which gives us strength, help us, protect us, free us, save us.

It is useless to fight alone without Him: we are so inferior to the diabolical powers, that we cannot in any way, without divine help, overcome them or even feel their presence and their machinations.

We often do not notice anything and we are calm, but in reality, when this happens, we are perhaps already defeated and killed.

Therefore when you feel the immense and hard struggle do not fear, because it means that you are still alive, and the Lord will help you.

It is a great presumption on my part to want to expose things of such great importance: The volumes written by the Church and in the Church are innumerable, but since few people read them, I try to talk to you about what I myself have experienced so many times in this fight against evil.

It is necessary, with the help of God, first of all to purify the external senses, and it is not easy and long-term work: from the eyes, from the ears, and from all the wonderful openings that God has created in us to make us live, penetrates the evil , with the complicity of the world and our flesh.

We can try, indeed we must with all our strength oppose the advance of sin, with determination, but always with the sweetness of the Holy Spirit, asking God to come to our aid: “O God, come to save me, Lord come soon to me Help!”

This invocation seems banal, and perhaps we repeat it every day, but it is fundamental for victory: it is necessary food for our Life.
When we have opened our eyes, and we will see ourselves almost killed, in the squalor of darkness, then it is a sign that we have taken a step forward, and that Hope is not lost!

It would be nice if I could talk to you about how God intervenes to defend our organism and each of our faculties, which He himself has given us; but even if I succeed in doing so later, it will be a drop compared to the ocean of Wisdom contained in the Scriptures and in spiritual books.

The saints recommend that we devote a little time each day to spiritual reading, every day, or we will lose our lives …

But now we are at the first steps, and we quickly fly over the immense world of the spirit: we must pay attention above all to detach our heart from creatures, and turn it to God, who is our only true Help!

Therefore use earthly goods for the journey, and long for the eternal ones for the day of arrival. Know that, no matter how beautiful the earth is, it is still an exile, your homeland is Heaven. Pass into this exile, touching the earth, with your heart and your eyes turned to your homeland, without letting yourself be distracted by earthly things.

Life is like a journey to the heavenly homeland; yet, during this journey, we think so little about the place of arrival! You came to this world to earn heaven. How foolish you would be if you lived on earth as if you were there forever!