SPEAK TO ME OF GOD – 10 – The Presence of God in Prayer

We do not pray to a distant God, because He is for us, with us and in us.

But why pray? Why ask God for things that He already knows we need, or that we only want? Is it perhaps a God who is pleased with our efforts and our supplications? How many times have we thought that, if we were in his place, we would give everything with both hands and without measure.

Evidently this is not the meaning of Prayer: our Happiness, the Eternal Heritage that awaits us in Heaven, is none other than God himself, and our beatitude is the full communion of our being with Him.

We continually tend to God, right now, and if this is true, Prayer is nothing but the beginning of our communion with Him.

But entering into communion, even imperfectly, with God, while we are in the world is not easy, because the noise of thoughts, words and actions that surround us, risk absorbing our whole being, and leave no place for communion with the Lord.

Thus he who does not pray can also wear the garment of joy as a mask, but inside it is empty, and is vitally exposed to all blows and reversals of fortune: it does not escape the grip of misfortune.

Those who pray instead, with true prayer, increasingly enter into communion with the perfect Being, calm, serene, imperturbable, omniscient, and feel the misadventures of life as troublesome insects that, with all the annoyance they give, fail however to involve him and upset him.

If and when this communion with God becomes more intimate, contrariness and crosses are even desired, because the meaning of the Incarnation and Redemption is vitally understood.

Prayer therefore goes from the simple glance towards the sky to the ecstasy of love that puts us in God.

Having said this, however, we must stop a little on the omnipotence of prayer, and explain why it is truly omnipotent: this mystery is explained by the presence of Christ in us, and with our belonging to him as his members, in the Church, which is his body.

My and your prayer, if we were alone, would be worth nothing, and would express only the confused desires of small and weak creatures. But, since Christ is in us, He, our Head, our prayer becomes His prayer, the prayer of the Head, which is the almighty God: if you are humble and live communion with God, your prayer is omnipotent!

But you will tell me that you asked for so many things and you did not get them, and that you always have the bitter experience of not being heard, and the events are against you …

You must understand that you always ask for an event only: your Happiness, which comes from the immense Glory of God. This event is never denied to you, and if you don’t feel it is only because God is still the simple name of a stranger to you .

Without too much theory, I can give you my experience as a witness: I was asking for a few years, but I was not getting; but then, in one fell swoop, my life became happy, fully happy, as is that of all those who put their dwelling in the shadow of the Almighty: for more than thirty years I have, in a certain way, lived next door to the Lord, and storms no longer frighten me, because they too fall within the most loving Will of God, who wants only my Good.

I hope to be able to speak again, in my small way of a poor sinner, of the Life of Prayer, but now I would like to warn you against his enemies, from your enemies.

Here they are: If you don’t cry as a traveler, you will not rejoice as a citizen; you will not be inhabitant of heaven if you wanted to be only of the earth; refusing the fatigue of the journey, you will not have the rest of the country; stopping where you have to walk, you won’t get where you need to go.

You can’t have a permanent place down here where you came to pass; your living is a life leaving every day. So live on earth as a pilgrim and a guest, to whom nothing matters about the things here.

Keep your heart free and always lifted up to God, because you do not have a permanent home here (cf Heb 13, 14). Do not stop but pass as a hasty traveler among corruptible things, sighing the celestial incorruptibility.