Nothing is impossible

“Amen I say to you that whosoever shall say to this mountain, Be thou removed and be cast into the sea, and shall not stagger in his heart, but be believe that whatsoever he saith shall be done; it shall be done unto him.” Mark 11: 23

Jesus said “in truth I tell you”. Isn’t it a fact that Jesus (God) is saying only the truth and always the truth? It is! So why he said “in truth”? To stress importance of this statement! To draw your attention and say: behold what I’m saying! To tell you that you must believe in what He says right now.

Another question – why did He use a mountain as an example? To lay emphasis that nothing is impossible! Completely nothing! Even things which are naturally impossible (moving a mountain would be definitely one of them) are possible for God!

Jesus is saying to you that there are no limits in what you can receive from God when you believe Him in your heart; when you believe without a doubt. Everything is possible. Anything you desire. So get rid of your doubts ones and for all; start believing God today.

Whatever is your need, you can have it all. Whatever is your problem it can be removed out of your way, forever. All is possible. All possible by a single act of faith with no doubt attached to it! Remember faith with no doubt!

God is not holding things from you; He is keeping them for you so you can have them when you will need them. Do not hesitate, believe and receive! Believe and receive are very important words. If you believe that you have received when you pray, you will get it. If you have doubts when you pray (will God give it to me?), you will get nothing. And remember Jesus told us to pray that way. You have only one choice today – to be obedient and trust Him with no doubts.