Janet Pascal – Born Again [Live]

A long, long time ago, I did not know about Jesus and his love.
You see I heard about it, but I never felt it, this manna that comes from above.
And this life of sin, i could no longer stand. I asked my mother, “How can I get to know this man”
She said, “You must be, can’t you see, you’ve got to be born again.”

You must have that firing Holy Ghost.
That prayer wheel turning keeps the fire burning
That kind of experience you know you can feel
It makes move, makes you shout, makes you cry because it’s real
Keep your hand in the masters hand
Til’ your soul’s been anchored in Jesus name
Filled within, free from sin, you’ve got to be born again

Oh so many toils and dangers, that my Lord has brought me through
Jesus opened blinded eyes, and made the lame to walk, there’s nothing to hard for God to do
So now is the time, you must seek him, and let him fill your soul within
He’ll make you whole, and save your soul, then you’ll know your born again