Daily Reflection

As I reflect on today’s readings, I hear an invitation to be awake, to embrace the Light that comes after the darkness of night.  I hear the invitation to recognize the dawn of a new day, the resurrection after death.  I hear many, many questions for reflection.

Today, on this first Sunday of Advent, we celebrate a new day, new season, a new liturgical year.  As with all things new, it is a good time to look back and reflect on the year past, the joys and the struggles.  The readings today call us to maybe consider how we have awakened this past year.  How have we seen the Lord in a new way?  How have we grown in our relationship with Jesus, the Christ?  New days, seasons and years also invite to look ahead.  So we can ask, How are we being invited to wake again, or maybe for the first time?  What is old, tired, dark that needs the Spark of Christ to make it new?

Lastly, there is a reminder to stay awake in the night, the times of darkness.  How do we do that?  I started to write about the discipline of prayer and practice of meditation.  I was thinking about how strength of relationship with God would help.  Then I stopped.  I recognized that I was falling into the trap of thinking that I can do it.  I can stay awake in the darkness.  Now, I am not saying that prayer, meditation and relationship with God are not important but I was quickly reminded that the invitation is to remember that Christ is always and everywhere present.  To lean into, rely on and trust in that presence.  Christ is the Light in the midst of darkness, if we can only choose to open our eyes, turn our face, choose the perspective that shows us that, Christ will keep us awake.

Christ Be Our Light!