I thank you for the gift of my family
for whom I now pray 
and upon whom I now ask you 
to shower your blessings.
With St. Joseph as my guide,
may I always be ready 
to spend my life for them.

Bless my wife whom you have given to me as my spouse,
sharing in your wondrous work of creation.
May I see her as my equal 
and treat her with the love of Christ for his Church.
May Mary be her guide 
and help her to find your peace and your grace.

Bless my children with your life and presence.
May the example of your son 
be the foundation upon which 
their lives are built,
that the Gospel may always
be their hope and support.

I ask you, Father, to protect and bless my family.
Watch over it so that in the strength of your love
its members may enjoy prosperity,
possess the gift of your peace and,
as the Church alive in this home,
always bear witness to your glory in the world.