SPEAK TO ME OF GOD – 4 – Your destiny is eternity, not this world that passes

Your life is like the flower of the field that grows in the morning and withers in the evening (cf Sal 89, 5-6). Man is born, lives and dies, but his destiny is eternity. His human life is so small that it seems like a dream. “Man is like a breath, his days like a shadow that passes” (Ps 143: 4).

You were a little boy a little while ago, and now you are an adult or an elder: Your days have flown, and they will fly again. You have suffered, you have struggled for so many things, but now you hardly remember them anymore, and you continue to work tirelessly for your brief future: a future that will run away like the wind. What will happen to you? What are you destined for? Will the tomb say the last word on a life spent for nothing?

He is a fool who does not reflect: you must direct your existence towards his true purpose and not live as if you were never to die, as if you were the only one to remain forever on earth. In life you pose yourself so many problems, and perhaps neglect to think about your real problem: that of your future.

You are happy to think about the years to come, yet you see people die every day, some in one way and some in another. Maybe you think that when it’s your turn, then you’ll think about it, then will you plan your new life? If you believe this you are wrong, because this short existence that you live is all a preparation for the future one, the one after death, and everything you think or do has its great value, positive or negative: it is here, on Earth, that you decide of your eternity, whether it will be happy or miserable.

All this has been revealed to us by God, and a multitude of saints, who have also had visions and apparitions, have confirmed it to us: how could you not take it into account?

Among all the stunning and distractions of life you are alone in front of your destiny. You are not created for time but for eternity; you are destined to participate in the immutability and eternity of God. The goal of the time is to prepare you for eternal bliss.
God has called you to exist in his image and likeness (cf Gn 1: 26-27), he has sown in your soul the aspiration to the infinite and to the eternal. Are you capable of God, and why do you satisfy the creatures? Can you aspire to eternity, and why do you attack passenger objects? Recognize your destiny at last, and, placing all the weight in your way, go joyfully towards it!

God has promised you an endless blessed life with angels, an incorruptible heritage, eternal glory, the sweetness of his face, the holy abode in the heavens, and, after the resurrection, the end of the fear of death. Why don’t you believe this Revelation which many scholars believe to be certain, and which is also carved in you, in your depths?

When you have achieved these promises, and it will be shortly, you will have reached the end for which you were created, you will sink into the highest good that is God, you will know what he knows, you will love what he loves and you will enjoy what he enjoys; your heart will be filled with happiness, you will no longer seek anything, you will never ask for anything again: you will lose yourself and find yourself in eternity!