SPEAK TO ME OF GOD – 3 – Without God nothing has a plausible meaning

Only by believing in God will you find the solution to the most important problems of your existence, first of all the meaning of your life. The non-believer finds himself in the impossibility of giving the problems of life a reasonable and convincing answer.

Why fatigue? Why so much suffering? Why the adversities and defeats of the good guys? Why the spread of evil? The incessant wars, the hunger, and finally the death seem to belong to a chaotic and disordered world, dominated by the fortuitous and by nothing.

And yet in the world there is the wonder of order and nature, there is the gay and innocent laughter of children, and there is a sea of ​​good, often silent and hidden: evil is neither definitive nor fundamental. And then in every man there is a rope that, when it vibrates, emits a very sweet sound: but it is also true that without a Revelation of God, and above all without His Presence felt and lived by many, we could never reach the certainty of its existence nor to the knowledge of the living God.

The mystery of the existence of God overcomes but does not contradict reason. Either you accept the mystery or you fall into the absurd.

Faith is a welcomed and accepted gift, but the certainty of divine Revelation is a rational conquest. You may not believe the commandment of love, but you can never deny that God has revealed it: this is led by the serious search for Truth, study and even common sense: in you there is like a living water that it spurts and murmurs: “Come to the Father”.

But you think: who am I in the midst of a boundless and numberless creation? My life is a breath, and no one, not even God, could keep the memory of the good and evil I have done. I’m a grain of sand on a huge beach; who will look after me?

Do not believe that your life is meaningless. God is your father and the life of a child is never useless for a father!
The life of a child of God begins on earth, in faith and in love, to culminate in heaven, where you will be like God because you will see him as he is (cf 1 Jn 3: 2).

You only pass once on this earth and perhaps you make an insipid passage. Love God and your neighbor, forget yourself for others, and your passage will be blessed by God and by men.