SPEAK TO ME OF GOD – 2 – The mysterious encounter with the Lord

What does it mean to meet the Lord? How do you meet it? What does it feel like? Do we not risk falling into the illusion and the dream?
It is God who first speaks, who knocks, who wants to live in us: we can run away from him, reject him or welcome him with love. If we welcome him, he works gently in our thoughts and our feelings, without taking anything away from ourselves, but using our being that he himself has shaped.

He creates and directs all the events of our life, and is made to recognize in the fruits of sweetness, love and peace that fill our hearts, which penetrate into the most intimate and secret part of our personality.

But how can we be sure that it is He who is present, and that we have truly met our God? This is a mystery, but I can tell you with certainty that the many who live in God attest to it and testify as a most certain thing, and would rather be willing to deny or question their existence than the presence of God in them.

God speaks to us with a rich and concrete language that embraces the Universe, and which has no equal here: try to invoke it, open the door, and you will discover with amazement that all this is true: it will be the simplest and most surprising encounter of your life.

I know well that no man could express and explain this mystery in words, but I also know that everyone can experience it, and then it will be Joy, deep and hidden joy, true joy!

And so? Too often you get upset and worry about many things, yet only one thing is needed. The saints have chosen the best part (cf Lk 10, 42). How few are the men who do not get lost on the road! It is great wisdom for man to keep in mind the purpose for which he was created and according to that to direct his life. Why are you running, why are you running continuously? Stop and think about eternity.

Soon you will have to stop forever. Are you headed towards eternity and don’t know where you are going? Don’t believe that the many distractions fill your life. In solitude, placed face to face with yourself, you will feel the emptiness of the heart. If you want to make sense of life, look ahead to the purpose for which it was given to you. What would be the point of a journey if you don’t look at the destination? Put yourself outside of this life that runs away to judge it wisely and not let yourself be dominated by it.

Pray and meet the Lord: He is the only one who truly loves you, who gave his life for you, who knows you to the full; He gives you joy right now, sometimes making you walk down a path of tears, but his Love wants you fully happy: entrust yourself to Him, and you will finally set your foot on the Rock!