SPEAK TO ME OF GOD – 1 – Who are you, where are you going, what will become of you?

Who are you, where are you going, what will become of you? What is the meaning of your living and your dying? Always think about it and never get to give you a sure answer! What sense do these days of yours lose in the abyssal vortex of nothingness; this your life that passes without leaving any perennial trace, like the clouds of heaven; this your innate aspiration to immortality? Is there anything more personal than the meaning of your life? The world makes a big fuss around you so that you don’t have the time to reflect on the very serious problems of your existence.
If no one helps you, if no one reveals you who you are and where you go, you won’t get to the bottom of anything. The answers that man can give are endless and contradictory: you have to choose carefully, and then you have to trust.

Everyone feels that there is a supreme being, a superior power, but he does not know who he is or what he wants: the events of our life, seen with human eyes, appear every day as the singsong tale of a poor idiot, who is finally struck down in the nothing.

All religions give partially equal and partially different answers, while you need solid certainties like the rock: this superior being you have to meet him, question him, talk to him, and then you have to trust him.

Now I can tell you my experience, and testify to you that He speaks to me every day with His wonderful language: it is a language made of words and also of facts, especially of facts, which involve all my spiritual, sentimental and intellectual being: His Presence suddenly lit up like a sweet light in my life, guiding me and always supporting me.

I feel the need to talk to you at length, again!